I was born and raised. I like to draw comics. I love rock music. I love information. I want you to be the best you can be. I love everyone, even the shitheads.

You can contact me through email. tommythecomicguy – it’s a yahoo account. You can figure out the rest.


One thought on “About

  1. Hello mister Patterson my name is jimmy serio and i ordered a samurai jack commission from you at dragon con this year for one hundred dollars but was unable to collect it at the con so i had to give you my address and contact info. it has been almost a month and i have yet to receive the drawing and i am very upset, if you can not deliver my picture i have to ask for a full refund of the hundred dollers i paid you for it. I understand you have a busy scheduled and am aware that something could have come up to prevent you from sending the picture or me from reciving it but if that is the case i need to hear from you so we can work this out. i provided my contact in fo to you at the con but if you have lost it my phone number is 678 779 4300 my email is jimserio2814@gmail.com i am sorry for contacting you in this way but i could not find another way to get in contact.

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