Comic Conventions

I had a great time at the first ever Tri-State Comicon this past weekend. James and Eric were great organizers and I’m sure this show will be a must hit convention for creators in the future. Next year I predict! The fans were great and interesting to talk with. I have a few commissions I’ll get out this week as I finish them so if you are on the list you’ll get it soon. Drawing in the hotel rooms sounds like the right thing to do but almost never happens. Too many things to do and too little energy always smash the best laid plans.

Now I am fully behind on my work but it all seems worth it and necessary. I’m sure I picked up a few readers for Game of Thrones. Propagate’n up in hur. Dynamite and Zenescope were nice enough to support the show and fans got a few freebies. That makes me feel good about who I’ve worked for.

I’ll be at the Derby City Con in two weeks then I have to be done for a bit. It causes too much of a strain keeping our book on track. Can’t have that happening!

WVPOP will be later in the year and that looks likely and a week later NYCC. NY is iffy as fuck. It’s expensive. I lost my ass last year. I need to learn how to make money at these things. Wizard World is possible too. A one day drive to Chicago, party, go home. I’ll keep you guys posted.

I love you all. Get some!


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