Radar Ping


I heard this stun gun of a concept tonight while drawing. I should point out this type of thing has been stated before and it got stored not processed. The Yin-yang concept for example. We all know about it but until the context of your life needs it, you don’t really KNOW it.

Wisdom must be shared. My wisdom to you is; don’t dismiss something because you don’t have a use for it. Learn and store for a later date.

It’s as simple as that. Get some.

P.S. You folks are going to have to get over my tag line. I like saying it. Get some.


Punxsutawney Phil

If you come out of your hole and see your shadow, does that mean a longer winter?

The way nature works, you have warm and cold fronts colliding creating storms. The occasional tornado rips everything to shreds and you have rebuilding projects on your hands.

Sometimes the wreckage is so bad you have to get assistance from an outside source. Everything you have identified as you is gone, or at least strewn about, and you have to dig out any remaining artifact worth keeping.

When the storm reveals your weakness, only then can you see what you are as a person. The stronger the home, the weaker you will feel after it’s smashed to bits. Nature, time and other minds you can’t control. You own one thing no one else can own. You own yourself.

The last thing Phil should do is crawl back into his hole. He has┬áseen the shadow. He knows winter is going to be cold. If you don’t experience the impact of the winter, you can’t truely appreciate the summer.

All I’m saying is, if you act like Phil, you might as well be a groundhog. I don’t control all the seasons or the weather but I do control how I prepare and respond.

It’s as simple as that. Get some.

C walk

I’m taking a break from inking a fun page.

Earlier today I caught, on the front page of yahoo, Madonna and Lady Gaga are kinda feuding. Probably media driven more than anything. I decided to pump “Born This Way” because I am a free American patriot.

The long form video has an interesting bit of symbolism involved. Since all my days lately have consisted of probing my brain and it’s arch-types I was impressed. I guess musicians, in traveling the world, deal with all kinds of things they have to figure out on the fly and way before the rest of us. Maybe it’s me and my current state of mind giving them more credit than necessary?

I have become a lyric junkie. My home is in metal but I will branch out without blinking. I love music. I love great vocals and have always dug cool lyrics but now… my mind unfolds with every song. I probe, place and move stuff around in my head.

I don’t know if I would consider it a fun pass time. I would consider it worth while. You will only grow with your understanding of the world. YOUR UNDERSTANDING.

My favorite lyric at the moment is from the song “Arms of the Sea” by Textures.

“We must be born anew To paint our portraits like the way we are We must learn to breathe again To reach the core of patterns in our souls”

That one verse hits home like a motherfucker.

Oh and C walk. I think my daughter and I are going to learn to dance. I always wanted to so I am.

It’s as simple as that. Get some.

The herd ya heard?

I will have a sequence of inked pages in issues 9 and 10. I have inked sketches and stuff for years. I have a few buddies that ink themselves and I have to say I’ve been bitten. It’s fucking fun. I want to put spatter on everything. Have a peek.

workin' inks

Figuring out how to ink.

On the radar

Joseph Campbell, Self Estrangement, Anima and Animus, Mother and Hero Complex, Mid-life Crisis (sheeya, I know right?), James Hollis and drawing while sorting through my brain.

I believe the list says enough for now. Who knew the brain could have so much going on all the time? It is a process and it is difficult at times but from what I gather it can be a good thing errr will be. I would like to thank everyone that comes in contact with me. I can be a fruitcake. I mean well, I swear to it.

An introduction

Hello people of the world!

I am Tommy Patterson. I fully plan on getting myself in trouble (what ever that is) and running off at the mouth about EVERYTHING. This site will be about me and what I do. It does not represent any company or person I may be dealing with.

Feel free to say whatever the fuck you want in the comment section. Anything you say is on YOU and not me. I do not support any person or comment in particular but I do support the right to express them. Let me know if you disagree or think I’m a shit head. I may or may not respond. Know this going in; it’s my playground and if you step in my sandbox I make no promises you will like it.

I am currently drawing comics and cutting my way through the matrix of life. Get some.